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BizMailsecure - The Most Secure & Encrypted Email Services, Hyderabad

Welcome to BizMailsecure, Secure & Encrypted Email Hosting Service with no hassles !! BizMailsecure LLC: was founded in Hyderabad, India by 2nd generation entrepreneurs who have over a decade of experience in the Healthcare industry. BizMailsecure is promoted by Vision Infonet Inc, a healthcare IT firm providing MDCare EMR/PMS software, revenue cycle management, and transcription services. Vision has its headquarters in Illinois and offices in California and Florida. Vision Infonet is also owns Practice Management System LLC, a 50 year old medical billing company located in Burlingame, CA. Vision Infonet has long history of serving US Healthcare Providers, founded by a Medical Doctor and has staff consisting mostly of medical graduates, developers, and certified billers and coders.
Do you send sensitive information through email everyday?
Email is the need in this Digital World and it is far less secure than paper mail for two reasons
  • Electronic data can be accessed easily over an Internet
  • Electronic data is really simple to copy.
There is a very good chance that someone has snooped around in your email despite your best intentions to stop it. Encryption simply makes it harder for people to gain access to important information, like passwords or sensitive information in a file.
BizMailsecure is Hyderabad based Company, which is Providing Secure & Encrypted Email Services with 100% Security. End to End Encryption helps, to protect your Private & sensitive information from prying eyes. It is a Secure Email services with No third-party advertising.
Welcome to BizMailsecure, Secure Email Hosting Service with no hassles !!
  • Most convenient, easy-to-use Secure Email Service.
  • End-to-End Encryption – Security is strictly enforced with no compromise.
  • Messages between BizMailsecure users are plain but secure. Decryption with password not required.
  • Intelligent Automation, Legal Archival, Customization, Forced expiration of sent messages.
  • Configurable to send unencrypted messages by default and encryption on demand.
  • "Secure.BizMailsecure" - Anyone can initiate a secure message to a BizMailsecure user.
  • 30-day FREE TRIAL (fully functional) with no obligation.
Some important facts about e-transmission of confidential data are
  • Not only clinical, but also administrative and financial information requires atmost security.
  • Most of the email services are not secure.
  • All secure email services will not meet the security requirements and standards.
  • End-to-end security of confidential data is required. Secure access, sending, storage, and secure reception.
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Who We Are

BizMailsecure is Indian-based and is the sister concern of:

The group is having long history of servicing US Healthcare Providers. BizMailsecure is designed out of the experience and expertise of these companies for more than 50 years!! Secure servers of BizMailsecure are located in Hyderabad.


  • Security is strictly enforced
  • Outlook, webmail, and phone access
  • End to End Encryption by default
  • Configurable to send plain (unencrypted) msgs by default and encrypted msgs on demand
  • "Intelligent Automation"
  • Facility to validate new recipient
  • Facility to delete already sent message
  • Legal Archival
  • One email account for both secure as well as plain messages
  • Change password reminder
  • Secure but plain message are sent to all BizMailsecure users
  • Customization with your logo and banner
  • Secure Business Agreement
  • Free trial with no obligation
  • BCC Archiving
  • Advertisement-Free service
  • Strict Privacy Policy


Send encrypted messages without ever owning a secure email account...


Email archives, Data backup, Calendar, File sharing, Access logs, Audit files, Spam control, Virus protection..

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